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UMF™ 18+ Mānuka Honey 8.8oz (250g)

UMF™ 18+ Mānuka Honey 8.8oz (250g)

UMF 18+: our certified UMF™ 18+ Mānuka Honey is independently tested and verified by internationally accredited laboratories (containing at least 830mg/kg natural Methylglyoxal - MGO).

The UMF® grading system appraises natural markers found in Mānuka honey, and assures purity and quality.

Premium Mānuka honey: UMF™ levels naturally vary in Mānuka honey depending on Mānuka plant varieties and environmental factors. UMF™ 18+ is the most premium and rare product in our Mānuka honey range. It can only be naturally sourced from a very small proportion of Mānuka trees in New Zealand. All our UMF™ 18+ honey is exclusively sourced from carefully selected and untouched Mānuka areas, where the natural environment provides everything needed in harmony for Mānuka trees with high UMF™ performance to grow and thrive.

Nature’s full goodness on a spoon: with its unique and premium-level properties, we always remind people, don’t waste a drop of this nutritious goodness. Just take it by the spoonful on its own to enjoy a nourishing and sticky indulgence, with a soothing comfort.

Ethically sourced: economic returns from every jar of the honey we sell are directly and fairly shared with Mānuka resource owners.

Note: not suitable for children under one year of age

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At Melora we ethically harvest our Mānuka to create honey that can benefit you in incredible ways. A little bit of magic. A whole lot of good.
  • raw cocoa butter skin benefits on stretch marksQuality you can trust

    All our Mānuka honey products carry the Mānuka Originz guarantee. This gives every customer the ability to trace their New Zealand Mānuka product all the way back to its source of origin.


    UMF™ stands for ‘Unique Mānuka Factor’, and as a quality assurance mark ensures quality and purity of UMF™ honey products. UMF™ can only be used by license holders who follow UMF™ Honey Association’s stringent Code of Practice. This includes independent audits to ensure compliance with UMF™ quality standard production facility requirements. The Association also appoint independent companies to regularly check licensees’ samples from the marketplace. This helps ensure all the UMF™ certified Mānuka honey are authentic and the highest quality products.

  • avoid stretch marks with tamanu oil in pregnancyMGO GUARANTEE

    MGO is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is used to measure the anti-bacterial level of Mānuka honey. It’s because of these studied antibacterial effects that MGO Mānuka Honey is used to create products that may support our wellbeing – Medical grade Mānuka honey is used to aid the healing process of cuts, burns and wounds in hospitals and clinics around the world.